Serving The Nations

At Home


Metrocrest has partnered with the work that God is doing with Justin Smith at the University of North Texas by committing to pray for and financially support ministry to college students, for the glory of God and the good of his people.

Church Plant: Resurrection Church of Madison, Wisconsin

We have partnered with Matt Grimsley, planting a new church work in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Their vision:

We desire to be in the city, for the city, seeking the good of the city of Madison and the University of Wisconsin... As the church struggles to find its identity in our time, we believe that the way forward is the way backward: to a beautiful, historic, authentic, orthodox expression of the Christian faith. Therefore, we seek a common worship rooted in historic forms where the rhythms of confession and creed, praise and prayer, word and sacrament work the gospel deeply into our lives. We seek a common life that is compelled by love for neighbor as we devote ourselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers (Acts 2:42). And we seek the common good, using our unique gifts and vocations in the arts and sciences, media and marketplace to bless Madison and the world, that all may flourish.

In order to be successful in "frontier church planting", we have joined as a prayer and financial partner to see this work flourish, and many come to know the saving faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And Abroad


Our missionary to Ethiopia is Sharon Abebe. Sharon was born and grew up in Ethiopia and came to the USA as an adult. But she never forgot her home country. Called to Ethiopia to serve as national director of the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Women’s Cycle of Life program with LifeWinds-Ethiopia, Sharon trains trainers all over Ethiopia. She is focused primarily on women’s and children’s issues as well as marriage counseling.


Our missionaries to Ireland are Tom and Vicki Gilliam. Tom and Vicki are based in the Republic of Ireland and reside in Maynooth, County Kildare, a university town of 12,500 located on the western outskirts of Dublin, Ireland's capital. They are a part of the core group of Maynooth Community Church, a church they helped to plant in 2003. Tom serves as an elder in the church and is involved in leading worship and discipleship. Vicki’s passion for women sees her in discipling relationships across the age spectrum--from teenage girls and university students to women in their twenties, thirties and beyond. More broadly, the Gilliams serve on the permanent staff team for Encounter, Serge's Irish summer internship for college-age Irish and American students and work year-round to identify, disciple and release emerging Irish leaders into church planting and the wider Irish harvest.

International Students

One of our missionaries, Paul Hartgrove (who also happens to be an MPC Deacon), serves faculty members at the University of Texas at Arlington. Paul is on staff with Faculty Commons.  UT-Arlington is the second largest school in the University of Texas system.  UTA educates students from every state and from 123 countries!  God is bringing the nations to us, and Paul's ministry will help UTA faculty members minister to them.

Middle East

Our support and our prayers are with teams serving in sensitive parts of the world.