Our Vision and Values

Purpose Statement:

To discover God's Love and Share It with Others.

Our Mission:

In dependence on Christ, we worship God the Father, grow in the grace of His Son, and serve our community and the world in the power of His Spirit.

Our Values:

For the advancement of our mission, our chief priorities are as follows:

  • GOSPEL: The gospel, the good news of salvation graciously given by God through Christ, is the very heart of MPC. In all that we say and do, we rely on and respond to God’s work of grace in our lives.
  • WORSHIP: We worship the biblical Triune God alone, ascribing to him greatness and glory for who He is and what He has done. In our worship we receive from God through Word and Sacrament and offer ourselves to God through prayer, praise, and gifts.
  • COMMUNITY: Since God exists as a tri-unity of loving persons, it is through community that we reflect the nature of God and practice his pattern for creation. Therefore, as the household of God, our worship, growth, and service find their fullest expression as we participate in them together. Whether gathered or scattered, we live to build one another up in and for love.
  • GROW: Discipleship is learning, loving, and living in the pattern and through the person of Jesus. In obedience to the Great Commission, the work of making disciples at MPC is biblical, relational, and missional. We educate, encourage, and equip followers of Jesus to embrace gospel-centered truth in a gospel-shaped community with compassion for a gospel-starved world.
  • SERVE: As a community of Christ's disciples, in but not of the world, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to seek the good and welfare of our communities. Using our God-given gifts, we spread the gospel by serving our neighbors, the nations, and the next generation through word and deed.