The City

TheCity_horz_color_croppedMetrocrest's community doesn't end after worship on Sundays; it continues throughout the week. In the hustle and movement of suburban life in North Dallas, we spend much of our time online, and it makes sense to bring Metrocrest's community into that online space.

The City for Metrocrest is:

  • our church database
  • how we send out emails
  • a way for our members and regular attenders to connect
  • the way we coordinate needs, volunteers, and events
  • the way to get plugged in to all aspects of MPC

If you want to hear from Metrocrest regularly through emails, event reminders, and monthly newsletters, request to join The City. If you want to be able to contact other Metrocrest members and regular attenders, request to join The City. If you want to find affinity groups and plan events, start up discussions, or share prayer requests, request to join The City.

Request to join The City by emailing the church office or by indicating your desire for an invitation on your welcome card on Sunday morning.

Watch a short video that explains the City: