Switching Gears into Summer 2014

We wanted to write a quick update and let you know some exciting things that are happening. Our New Summer Series, an update on the City Launch, and some tips on how to Stay Connected amid all of our Summer Commitments.

With Memorial Day behind us, and school wrapping to a close, it is unmistakable: Summer time is here. Children will have more free time, and parents less. Vacations will come, and fun will be had.

We have had a busy ministry year here at Metrocrest. God has been gracious to us. Our Deacons have been busy making our facility look great, making sure our mercy needs are being met, and helping behind the scenes every day. The Session has been hard at work reimagining a structure of ministry for Metrocrest that both sustains what we are presently engaged in, and can scale to grow as God brings new families and new ministry opportunities into our midst.

Jimmy and I have been hard at work too, having each wrapped up time of study leave away from the office, to prepare for what is next as we minister to and along side of our family at Metrocrest.

And we have heard that question a lot, as we came to the end of our major sermon series in the Sermon on the Mount.

What’s next?

We’d love to tell you.

Summer Series

So here is the question that we have been wrestling with: What is it that makes us… us?

We are a church of about 185 dedicated men, women, and children. We are not limitless. We have gifts, but we must use them strategically. Where are we going? What is our MISSION? What are our PRIORITIES?

Over the next six weeks, we are going to tackle that question and preach through what the Session has identified as the five core values of Metrocrest. What are those values? We would encourage you to click here and read about them, but just in case, here they are in a nutshell:

  • The Gospel
  • Public and Private Worship
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Service through Gospel Words and Gospel Works

We will observe Pentecost on June 8, as a reminder to us that all of this is carried forth in and through us by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. July 13 we will have Vision Sunday, and talk about our budget, celebrate what God has done over this past ministry year, and dream together of what God might do in this coming year.

Many of you heard us ask on the City to give us feedback on your favorite Psalms. And thank you for doing that! We are going to take eight weeks, beginning on July 20, and preach through eight different Psalms chosen by you (more on that in another post). We were so impressed with how many of you engaged with us on the City! Speaking of that…

The City Launch

We are just a few people away from our goal being met, and Metrocrest being completely transitioned over to the City as our new digital hub to connect our church family and cultivate our community throughout the week. Thank you!

We would love for you to complete your city profile. Setting up your profile with a picture and a little bit about you is a great way to help new guests and long-time members put faces to names and families. Over the summer, we will offer additional tips and tricks to help you get the most out of using the City at Metrocrest.

Also, there is an app for that! You can download the City App for iOS here and for Android here.

Staying Connected amid Summer Commitments

Here are three “G’s” that we would commend to you as travel and time off come to us this summer.

  • GROWTH: Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. Whether it is a biography, or a novel, or something else, we want to encourage you to find ways to use your summer reading to grow in your love for Jesus. What are we reading? Stay tuned. We will offer some blog posts over the summer with some book recommendations.
  • GROUPS: Hopefully by now you have connected to your care group, your bible study, or your parish on the City. Even when you are out, you can still stay connected to keep up with prayer requests and discussion topics. Even though our Care groups aren’t meeting regularly this summer, many of them will get together for social activities. What a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to these extensions of the MPC community! We want to encourage you to find ways to stay connected to groups over the summer.
  • GIVE: In addition to traveling, summer also allows for families to do things together that they would otherwise not get the chance to do. Giving, whether through our time, talent, or resources, is a great family activity. So whether it is participating in a CCA night, or just helping a neighbor tend to their lawn or house as a family, find ways to give yourself to the area. Summer is also a time when giving can be a little sporadic at the church. Did you know that the City enables safe and secure online giving? Why not check it out? You can even set up recurring giving so that you never have to wonder if this is the Sunday to remember the checkbook!

We are excited with all that God is doing and will do through MPC! What are you seeing God do through MPC that encourages or excites you? Leave a comment on the City and let us know!