Summer of Rest Ideas & Resources

A few weeks ago our Elders announced that this summer will be a Summer of Rest for our discipleship/teaching team. Read more about it here.

Use the resource list below to brainstorm your own ideas about possible activities, family devotionals, reading materials, and other ideas to help you and your family continue to be spiritually nourished, relationally connected, and mission minded during the 9am hour on Sundays or any time on any day this Summer.

Come up with your own ideas. Talk with other MPC families and friends to see what they’re doing. Enjoy!


SPIRITUALLY NOURISHED  |  What can I do to invest in my relationship with Jesus?

READ/STUDY (by yourself or with your spouse or family) one book of the Bible for the entire Summer. Just one book!

ASK God to help you hear the good news of His love for you in Christ, then respond to His love with repentance, faith, and obedience. Perhaps use a journal or notebook to RECORD these responses.

READ Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung.

LEAD your family in family devotions using one of these resources:

WALK and PRAY. Take a walk alone, with your spouse, with your family, or with a friend. As you walk, talk to God; praise Him, plead with Him, pour out your heart to Him.

PRACTICE using the Psalms as a guide to your personal prayer time. An excellent resource for praying with the Psalms is God’s Prayer Program by T. M. Moore.


RELATIONALLY CONNECTED  |  What can I do to invest in my relationships with Metrocrest friends?

JOIN with another friend or family for Sunday morning breakfast, then go to worship together at 10:15am at MPC.

JOIN with another friend or family for Sunday brunch or lunch after you worship together at 10:15am at MPC.

PURSUE time with MPC folks that you don’t know very well. Do something together and get to know them.

PRAY more intentionally for the people of MPC.

  • Use The City as a guide to praying for others in our congregation.
  • Each Sunday at Worship ask a different person how you can pray for them in the coming week . . . then do it!
  • Help your children pray specifically for their MPC friends/peers.
  • Pray for the Elders, Deacons, and Staff by name.


MISSION MINDED  |  What can I do to invest in relationships with my neighbors, the nations, and the next generation? 

PRAY for our MPC Missionaries each Sunday morning (by yourself or with your family):

  • Sharon Abebe (Medical Ambassadors - Ethiopia)
  • Court Barclay (Undisclosed Location)
  • Paul and Dawn Fisher (Mission To the World/NACL – Guadalajara, Mexico)
  • Tom and Vickie Gilliam (Serge - Ireland)
  • Paul Hartgrove (Faculty Commons - Texas)
  • Josue Mayo (Church Planting – Mexico)

PRAYER WALK your neighborhood on Sunday mornings. Before you come to worship, take 30 minutes to walk (alone or with your family) around your neighborhood. As you do, pray for God to reach your neighbors with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’ll get to talk to a neighbor you’ve never met or haven’t seen in a while! For more info on Prayer Walking click here.

PRAY more intentionally for friends and family who do not know Christ.

READ a book about sharing the gospel with others, then start to practice what you’re learning:

ASK for the name of every server, cashier, etc. you or your family meet as you are out in the community. Make sure to use their name when you thank them for their work. As you pray for your meal, pray for them by name. As you leave the store, pray for those who served you.

LEARN a new way to share the gospel with others: