NEW Adult Bible Classes for Fall 2014

At the close of 2013 we announced a new plan for our Sunday morning Adult Bible Classes.

MPC ABC Plan (2013)

Our theme for the 3rd Trimester (September through December) is "The Church and Her People" . . . thinking biblically about how to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus and in love for one another.

Starting Off with a COMBINED ABC CLASS
We'll kick off the 3rd Trimester with a SPECIAL 2-WEEK COMBINED ABC CLASS taught by our Associate Pastor, Jimmy Davis.  All adults will meet together at 9am on September 7th and 14th in the Multi-purpose Room (D-04).

Title:  Learning the Gospel Waltz

Content Summary:  How are we supposed to respond to the Good News (the gospel) of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ on a daily basis?  What does it mean to hear the music of the gospel and be moved to dance to its rhythms?  Join us for this 2 part series as we seek to recapture the joy of our salvation in the music of the gospel and learn to respond with the 3-step dance of repentance, faith, and obedience.

Teacher:  Jimmy Davis

Format:  Powerpoint teaching, Bible study, class interaction, and practical application.


Now, here are the 3 courses we'll be offering this Fall, beginning September 21st at 9am . . .  

TRACK ONE:  Topical Study

Title: Your Walk with God is a Community Project

Content Summary:  God has not called us to live in isolation as believers. He unites us to Christ and places us within a community of faith where we influence one another in profound ways. "Your Walk with God" describes Christian community as intentionally intrusive, Christ-centered, grace driven, and redemptive.

Teacher:  John Fowler

Format:  Interactive teaching, some DVD teaching segments by Paul David Tripp, class discussion.

Study Guide: No study guide for this class, but the class is based on Your Walk with God is a Community Project by Paul David Tripp.  See Paul Tripp's 2 minute introduction to the course here: YWWG Intro

TRACK TWO:  Bible Book Study

Title: Joshua

Content Summary: As our Senior Pastor, David Ridenhour, and the MPC preaching team begin preaching through Judges, it will be helpful to look at the words and actions of God recorded in Joshua which led up to the events in Judges.  Joshua offers us a glimpse into the unfolding redemptive purposes of God as well as a picture of Jesus, the Conquering King.

Teacher:  Jimmy Davis

Format:  A discussion-oriented, passage-by-passage study of the Old Testament book, Joshua.

Study Guide: No study guide for this class, but there will be articles and other handouts offered every week.

TRACK THREE:  Foundation Study

Title: Developing Christian Character

Content Summary: One of the greatest struggles every Christian faces is the struggle for spiritual growth. This series will enable you to understand from the Bible what is necessary for true spiritual growth and to begin to bear the fruit of the Spirit in abundance.

Teacher:  Bill Camp

Format:  25 minute DVD teaching segments by R. C. Sproul and class discussion.

Study Book: A FREE study guide will be given out during the class.  An optional book to read on your own during this trimester is The Christian Life by Sinclair Ferguson.  You can order your copy here: The Christian Life.